We Believe Your Home Is A Reflection Of Who You Are And What You Stand For.

Great design should have soul and purpose. Yowos weaves together traditional craftsmanship and eco-friendly materials, forging distinctive products that resonate with individuality. The result is a collection of quality products, each bearing the mark of uniqueness inspired by you.

Rooted in a collaborative spirit, Yowos endeavors to seamlessly connect your home, the natural world, and diverse cultures. We aspire to redefine the utility of space, influencing not just how we inhabit our surroundings but also how we engage with the people around us.

Natural Vintage Design

Our designs combine high design with natural resources to create beautiful and functional vintage classics.

Harmony With Nature

We use natural solid wood, safe, and alive with the innate feeling of solid wood furniture. Enjoy people, furniture, and space in harmony.

Globally Conscious

We value quality craftsmanship and sustainability. We select renewable materials and give back to the planet more than we take.

Every Step Comes From Life

We prioritize the safety and health of our users. Moreover, we hope that our furniture can warm the family atmosphere and help our customers create a wonderful life.

We find our design inspiration in the everyday moments of life., and we also want to bring this inspiration back into our lives.

Each Piece Has A Story

In today's world, furniture is typically designed to be replaced rather than to endure. However, we aspire to change this.

We achieved this by learning from artisans who value skill and craftsmanship, and we are using old-world techniques to inspire our new-world designs.

Every Tree To The Furniture

We select the "outstanding" trees that grow in the hardwood forests of eastern North America and crafted with meticulous care in Malaysia, renowned for its fine furniture craftsmanship to bring our natural vintage style to your home.

We sell directly to you online—there are no middlemen.

This allows us to provide you with high-quality furniture products made from premium materials at more affordable prices than traditional luxury brands.

Tree-To-Home...Re-Tree Planting

We are committed to giving back to the planet more than we take. With each piece of furniture you purchase, you are helping to replant a tree in community farms AND a tree to help restore the wild forests, all thanks to you!